Tuesday, 2 July 2013

40 things to do when bored at home

Recently I've been rather bored sat at home doing nothing. My friends are always busy or away and I need a way to entertain myself in all my spare time so I am going to share with you 40 things to do when you're bored. These aren't all my original idea, I got most of the ideas off of different web pages so I am not taking all the credit -haha!

Hope you enjoy and some of these things will stop you being bored as well!

1. Read online articles
2. Put together a scrap book
3. Read a novel (Or a magazine or anything you fancy)
4. Build miniature models and buildings
5. Organize your wardrobe (Colours, types of clothing, styles, lengths)
6. Tidy up your entire room
7. Experiment with different outfits
8. Do some online shopping of your favorite shops
9. Write a book
10. Catch up on missed tv
11. Do some nail art on your nails
12. Sing your heart out!
13. Dance like there's no tomorrow
14. Go through all your stuff and give some things you don't want anymore to charity (It will make you feel good afterwards)
15. Enjoy a relaxing bath
16. Make lists of anything
17. Grow your own vegetables
18. Pick out and learn new words from the dictionary
19. Learn a new hobby or skill
20. Play video games
21. Bake a cake (or any other tasty snacks)
22. Write a poem on boredom (or anything else)
23. Start a daily journal
24. Go see a movie
25. Make a piece of clothing
26. Make a collage of your life and everything you like
27. Develop principles to live by
28. Make paper/material flowers
29. Decorate your room with recycled materials
30. Go camping in your back garden
31. Make a bucket list
32. Do a crossword puzzle (or Sudoku)
33. Try some logic puzzles
34. Try out different hairstyles (or make up)
35. Make homemade ice cream
36. Host a movie marathon (Harry Potter, James Bond, Horror, Chick Flicks, Sci-Fi)
37. Write a list of 100 random things about yourself
38. Make some cushions and decorate them with pretty beads
39. Assemble a shoe box all about you
40. Make faux stained glass

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