Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Getting away - Switzerland

All my exams are over and I am now on my summer holiday, so me and some friends decided that we wanted to go away somewhere for a few days, so we decided to fly out to Switzerland to Geneva where my sister lives. We flew out on the Sunday and came back on Wednesday.

It was really nice to just get away from everything at home and just relax. When we were there it was so amazing because we just didn't have a care in the world and were just so at ease. My three friends all had a lot of stress at home to do with relationships, family, exams and other things and I think they really appreciated the mini break away as they felt much calmer and relaxed.

Day one
We arrived in Geneva at about 10 so we had most of the day to do whatever we wanted. There was a music festival on in one of the parks so we went there in the afternoon. It was really lovely and it was nice weather so that made in 10x better!
There were loads of types of music there from rock to pop, to reggae to rap. It was full of lots of activities and things to see and things to do and it was just a really lovely way to start of our little trip.
In the evening my sister bought ingredients to make pizzas so that is what we did!
Day two

Our second day in Geneva was very relaxed. We went to the lake and just took a walk round it and had something to eat at a nice cafĂ© looking over the lake which is so so pretty! 
 This is a picture of lake Geneva with the fountain in the background. I think the fountain is the, or one of the tallest water fountains in Europe which is pretty cool!!
 We made a lot of friends with the ducks and swans in Geneva - we watched the ducks and swans for about 20 mins. They are really hypnotising to watch haha.
This is me and two of my best friends (all looking like idiots) heading out for the evening. We then came back, had some drink and played cards and chat till 5 in the morning!

Day three

 We went to lake Geneva again but this time we went on the pedlo boats and they were so much fun! They were probably my highlight of the holiday. We all got the giggles on it and it was just such a laugh and I really enjoyed it!
We then went to the man made beach on lake Geneva just to relax, listen to music and read.
This are my best friends who I went to Geneva with. Left to right (Emilie, Jo, Hayley)

On our last night we went out again and this is a picture of Jo, Emilie and myself.

All in all, I had an amazing time and it was so good just to get away from everything happening in England and just have a good time and enjoy ourselves! Geneva is such a beautiful place and recommend it to anyone! I hope you have enjoyed reading about my little trip!

Ella xx

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